Women in Business Mentoring Program for 2012

The Women in Business Mentoring Program run by the NSW Department of Trade and Investment has helped more than 7,000 women business owners to grow their business since its launch in 1995.
The Program brings fundamental knowledge to achieve business success with the aid of co-operative learning and mentor guidance.

Its proven methodology offers a combination of five business education workshops, two networking events and 10 hours of mentoring by an experienced business owner over five months, to assist you with your business growth. The Program offers an empowering environment where women feel comfortable to discuss their business issues and offer solutions to each other.

Come and join other business women who want to get ahead in their business, work on strategies together with each other as well as with your business Mentor.
These programs have been tried and tested and are known to work well for those who put in the effort required to make change and be guided out of your comfort zone by experienced Mentors.

Here’s just one testimonial from a Mentee who finished the program in 2011.

“The program has exceeded my expectations. Great to have a mentor with a strong management consultancy background, experience in working in a partnership and practical understanding of growth models and how these could apply to our business. My mentor’s ability to listen, support and nurture has been so useful at this stage of my business partnership.  I have gained many useful insights from my mentor and enjoy his exploratory approach – delving into issues and exploring options in a very lateral way. Has helped me make some very important strategic decisions and assisted me and my partner work through some sensitive issues and develop a shared future vision for the company.”
Andrea from Appetite Communications

Don’t miss out and find out more at our website here or look at the NSW Trade and Investment website here.

A common saying that is heard during these programs are “I didn’t know what I didn’t know”, so why not find out for yourself?


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