Why do bloggers need a website Terms of Use

legal A website terms of use is a legal document that governs each and every person that visits your blog.
Of course, you can run a blog without these legal documents. But a blog is a business, and a business needs to be legally protected.

Terms of use are essentially an agreement between you, visitors to your blog, and any third parties, about how to behave on your platform, and how to use the material and intellectual property that appears on your blog.

Terms of use may cover how visitors may read, comment on or share material, as well as limiting liability where possible. By accessing your blog, or using any of your services, visitors acknowledge and agree to use your site in a certain way, and agree not to behave maliciously or misuse the site. It is not a legal relationship, but the terms are binding.

The purpose of this document is primarily to provide you and your audience with clarity as regards their rights, your rights and whether any liability rests on you, your readers, and any third parties.

The main things that this document will protect you for are your liability in respect of complaints or lawsuits. For example, if you give advice on your blog then you must protect yourself by clearly specifying whether this information is or is not intended to be professional advice.

It also prohibits illegal or unlawful activity on your site, as well as the posting of material that may be harmful, malicious or defamatory. It also prevents visitors from gleaning commercial gain from any of the material on your blog. If you are selling goods or merchandise through your blog then a refunds, returns and cancellation policy will be included.

In your Terms of Use is a clause that reserves you the right to restrict or terminate someone’s access to your Site without notice for any breaches or misuse of the site. E.g. “Should we deem that you are acting contrary to the spirit of the Site, potentially using our Services for commercial gain, or in a manner which could damage our business and repute, we reserve the right to exclude you from the Site.”*

*From LegalVision, our favourite source for online legal info and how to create a Terms of Use for a website – https://legalvision.com.au



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