When time disappears…

As I look at my last blog I realise with horror that time yet again slipped into the abyss…

How could I have left 4 months slip by with a comment I ask myself?

Then I think to what was achieved in those 4 months and try not to beat myself about the head too much, sometimes you just have to let go and go with the flow….

So what has happened from September,I hear you ask?

Well in a nutshell- as well as running events for both Inspiring Women and the local Chamber of Commerce, (14 events just counting those 2), collating data for the conclusion of a federal funding submission, (assisted of 2500 business so I realised)

adjusting to a new Executive Team that were finding their feet in their new roles, I also packede up & sold my partners townhouse, moved him into my place, found a house to buy,sold my unit and packed up all the goods and chattels and moved 9 days before Xmas.

Xmas was then had in my new place with family and alot of the unpacking has finished with still my office to be done.It is now February and there is still one truvkooad to come to the house of my partners stuff, so the unpacking will be continuing for awhile.

I love the new place- it has space

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