When Life Gets in the Way

Today’s post is one of a personal nature.

crisesThe past week and a half has been a bizarre time, one I know many of you will identify with.

Where no matter what you had planned, a crisis (or two) raises it’s head and you juggle appointments around life’s little challenges pretending all is perfectly normal.

As women we are good at that!

It can be multitasking at its finest and it’s also when you find out how resilient you are.

My week began normal enough until a phone call let me know that my dear old Dad was in hospital on Monday night, a phone call on Tuesday from the hospital told me that I was to meet the social worker that morning which I knew meant that Dad may not be returning home.
A new home had to be found for dad to give my step mother a break and to also help her realise that he needed more help than she could provide. This is called respite care for those of you new to this concept.

Except I knew that this had been left way too late for it to be temporary home. Emotional discussions with my step mother followed, who sadly realised he was no longer the strong man she once knew.

That night at a council meeting, I was nominated for Deputy Mayor and it was accepted.

I had a moment of joy & feeling honoured, it all felt a bit surreal.

Wednesday morning was another phone call from the hospital asking me to check out a nursing home and then was asked to move my dad that afternoon to the new place to see how it goes.

Thursday was more visits, talking to nurses, doctors, speaking with other family members and Friday was more hospital visits, this time for my own darling partner who also was having some health issues.

More hospital visits have been completed today, more tests.

Why am I telling you all this?

There’s a great saying that that I learnt years ago, you are never given more than you can handle and you just don’t realise how strong you can be until it is the only option left.

So true!

I met with 2 delightful women separately yesterday who inspired me. They have each have had amazing challenges this past year and are moving into different areas of their lives and business directions.

Both are scared but excited.

That’s what’s life is about isn’t it?

Enjoy the ride as one thing is for sure, life never stands still.


And neither should your business.

Moving in a different direction, doing your business a different way, may frighten you, challenge you, stretch you.
It should.

It means you are learning new things. If you keep fighting to keep your business running how it only feels comfortable for you, then you are minimising your chances of letting it grow and surprising yourself with how successful it can be.

Don’t be like the turtle stuck on the post!



2 responses to “When Life Gets in the Way”

  1. Bridget Sheehan says:

    Congratulations Deputy Mayor! You are such an inspiration Sue. I can empathise with you – just when you think your life could not get more hectic, in comes a curve ball. There’s another saying, “If it doesn’t kill you, it will only make you stronger”. Best wishes to you and your family.

  2. inspiringwomen says:

    Thank you Bridget, Those are certainly words not only to live by but are so true! Health issues are always a curve ball, no one plans to be ill. As my darling partner keeps saying to me, “I was perfectly well until I started going to doctors!”…. haha!