What’s your communication style?

In my travels I meet a whole lot of people from many different industries.
So many of you business owners are getting your head around Social Media platforms and it’s constant changes can be frustrating.

When you are a beginner, you start with one social platform (usually Facebook or Twitter or Linked In) and practice with that until you feel comfortable and then for some business owners they move into others.

Many people find one they are really comfortable with and settle into that one…..and start to ignore the others.
That’s fine however don’t expect everyone you know to want to communicate with on your platform of choice – and then complain about it!

Just because you may be a Linked In groupie fan doesn’t mean that all the business owners are- they maybe mainly on Facebook because that’s where their customers are or that’s where they are most comfortable!

Even though this great graphic below is about Facebook, it could quite easily be about any of the other platforms.
I have definitely met Lurkers, Roosters, Gamers and Promoters and I sure know a Liker or 2 (& made great friends with them too!)

But if that is what they are comfortable with – who am I to judge as I know some people can categorize me in a couple of those labels to depending on the day I am having!!

So be aware, be patient with each other. None of us are perfect and part of that is what makes it fun too.

Try to post up a comment when you can on other business posts to let the owner know you loved, liked, agreed, think it’s a great product or whatever is suitable to their post, tweet or update!


2 responses to “What’s your communication style?”

  1. Angela says:

    See what you mean about not just sticking with one platform, Sue. As a bit of ‘Liker’ on Facebook, I can’t do that here so I am having to get out of my comfort zone and comment! Enjoyed your post, definitely food for thought.

    • Sue Heins says:

      Angela, well done in stretching out of your comfort zone & commenting!
      I’m not advocating any platform over another just reminding everyone that sometimes instead complaining that others “just don’t get it” maybe GO to the other platforms and engage there too.

      Just remember, everyone loves a comfort zone, maybe just a little too much!