What’s so “Social” about Social Media anyway?

Now to the human side of Facebook…..

We’ve all had posts on our Facebook walls of irrelevant stuff (which is irrelevant to you perhaps but not to the person posting it)…

For businesses out there- you know you should have a Business Facebook page (attached to your personal page- but that’s another story…) and use the Business Page to talk about business and your personal page to chat with friends.

However in our days of running businesses we forget about the real human stories out there- unless it shows up on your Facebook feed, you just don’t have time to think about these things.

I saw a post on Pittwater Council’s facebook page about a homeless man who had lost his wordly possessions (a backpack) from Mona Vale library, someone had stolen it.
His backpack contained everything he owned in the world including his medications for diabetes, small amount of money, clothes etc.

Local businesses in Mona Vale came to his rescue, the local chemist not only tested his blood sugar, but gave him a free supply of medications, including a blood glucose testing kit, other businesses gave him clothing, and a local bank gave him a free bank account to keep his money safe in the future.

Then I saw others asking questions, which businesses were they? The locals wanted to support those business when suddenly the homeless man himself was answering all the questions!

My cynical side said to myself
“If he’s homeless, how can he afford to be online? Where does he keep his computer, or can he afford a smartphone?”

The homeless man posted that he uses the free computer services in Mona Vale library to access online and he personally wanted to thank each and every person and that the locals had been so amazing. He also posted that he was now looking for accomodation… he had hope for human nature again.

This is the human side of online media, that sometimes gets easily forgotten, it is accessable to everyone which makes a community stronger.

Some of you write funny and fantastic posts, normally when dealing with stress. There is a huge human side, that in all honesty, I sometimes use to show others that they are not alone in a challenge.
Thank you for sharing these sometimes personal insights into your lives as I do use them when others come to me and say they are not coping. Laughter always helps put things back into perspective!

A little bit of knowledge can always be a dangerous thing…..as they say.

Yesterday was interesting as Social Media raised it’s head in our local papers (The Manly Daily) and sadly, what sometimes happens is people use this paper to sometimes spread misinformation.

The article had a misleading headline “Warringah Council funds for free forum”
Followed by

WARRINGAH Council has defended its $500,000 spending on “social networking”, claiming the funds would also be used to upgrade the organisation’s outdated IT infrastructure.”
To read the article in full visit the page here

The article went on to say that certain people are saying this money is being used to fund free things like Facebook, Twitter etc.
As we all know, these platforms are free, however someone’s wage has to be paid to run it. The fact they are not using extra money but utilising monies from other areas to update the outdated IT systems and online facilities is long overdue.

The fact that all the other Councils have been doing online media for quite awhile is interesting, no comments in the paper about these Councils updating their systems, only positive news. In fact Sydney’s smallest Council (Mosman) is way ahead of Warringah-embarrassing actually.

Over the years I have had local charities phone me asking how to book parks, put up banners about their events- all because there was no online way of doing it.

I have followed Pittwater Coucil, Manly Council & Mosman Council for some time and have found the information sent out relevant to their local area, informative and unlike newspapers, without someone’s opinion on them. Just the facts, like what sports grounds are open, who is having recycling or eco gardening workshops, Red Cross blood collections etc. dogs found, markets on and all the things that a community uses. This is because it is run by the Communications Department, whose job it is to get the message out about what events etc are happening.

No spruiking of policies or politicians agendas, just plain simple information about what’s on, what’s open etc.

In fact I particularly like Pittwater Council posts- why?

Because they post all weekend as well.
Whoever is running their feeds really has their finger on the pulse because they are posting about the surf, which beaches are open, which markets are on & I don’t know about you…but I like the fact that the Council are actually tweeting when I’m still trying to wake myself up on the weekend and can see what’s already happening and what options there are for the weekend!

One last thing to mention specifically about Facebook, if you are finding your Facebook feeds are getting out of control then this may help you!
A member of Inspiring Women Leonie Smith from Digital Breezes is one of our lady techno geeks who has posted up a small video tip if your Facebook feeds are getting out of control.

How to mute friends posts on Facebook without hurting their feelings. If your Facebook News Feed is looking a little cluttered, you might want to clean up your News Feed on Facebook and not have to see all the posts from all your Facebook Freinds

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