What’s in a name?

My job is a little like a walking/talking directory….

Being well connected in the business community over a long period of time means there’s many business people I know and have met over the past 15 years when I was getting my own business off the ground and when I became involved in various business organisations.

The great thing about it is that when people contact me looking for someones expertise 99.8% I do know who to refer them to- and usually try to refer to more than one business as of course there are lots of businesses who do similar things.
Sometimes I ask extra questions so I can get the right information to get them connected with the right type of business for them as getting the right type of businesses to work together is what works out well for everyone.

Of course this also means I get a lot of newsletters in my inbox from many different businesses.

Most of the newsletters I am OK with, some have not asked my permission to put me of their mailing list-which is why I have now added the Spam Act on the home page of our website.

Some business people think that just by meeting someone they have automatically got the right to put them on their mailing list (not true) please read the Act as you can easily damage your marketing reputation by doing this.

As I do get lots of newsletters I try to read all the ones from people I know so I know what is happening in their businesses…and what is planned for the future.

Funnily enough – there seems to be about 4 business that have a very similar theme for their projects for 2012, with very similar wording….with almost the same message.

I am pretty sure that none of these people know each other and this phenomenon is very similar to when your phone rings after being quiet for a long time and 2 other people try to phone you at the same time!

A collective thought has struck these people….all with a wonderful message coming from a well meaning heart.

I ask that if you are about to launch a new program, workshop, subject for 2012 – be very specific about who you are targeting and have a couple of different ways of wording your new product/item as I fear there may be a battle of similar sounding marketing messages for 2012 that may confuse the general public.

If you find someone else is saying the same thing about their product using the same words – make sure you have a backup plan of some marketing messages worded very differently in case your message is already taken.
The holiday period which is about to start maybe a good time to think of creative ways of getting your message across.

Maybe a Thesaurus will become a girls best friend in 2012?


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