What can a Mentor do for my business?

The Women in Business program on the Northern Beaches is starting soon and we still have a few spaces left for both participants and Mentors, jump on board so you don’t miss out!

What benefit would a Mentor be for my business you ask?

Imagine, (if you can) having someone who is extrememly knowledgable about successful business practices, a person who cares about the success of your business and how you as a person are coping with running your business.

That is your Mentor.

They are not giving advice like well-meaning friends and relatives do, but are your sounding board for your ideas and asks you questions so you realise that maybe you are not always heading in the right direction.

You quite often get ideas from your Mentor about things you have not thought about before, new markets to try your business, a better way to streamline your office procedures or finding new systems that makes business easier to run.

The mentor’s role is to coach and advise the mentoree and to act as a sounding board for ideas, thoughts and challenges. The mentor does not interfere with the mentoree’s decisions and the mentoree, while expected to seek the mentor’s advice particularly on critical issues, is not bound to accept that advice.
Late last year we completed the successful Over 45 Entrepreneurs Program 
It is the Mentors that makes programs like these special- you build up a bond of trust and respect between each other and the more honest you are about your challenges in your business the more the Mentor can assist with tehir experience or know who to ask to get you on track again.
Still don’t believe me yet that this can help you?
Then read some of the testimonials from our Mentoring program from last year…
“I would recommend this mentoring program (or anything similar) to any small business person who is trying to build and grow a business.

There was lots of great information provided, new ideas and importantly lots of other business people who were in similar situations to meet. Having someone to openly discuss specific issues with was valuable and could often be challenging.
As small business owners we often get caught up in the day to day details and don’t spend enough time focussing on building and growing our businesses. Having guest speakers who have met and overcome similar challenges was invaluable.
One of the biggest lesson that I learnt was that it is time to let go of some of the things I am doing, employing other people to do tasks which I am not an expert in, is often more cost effective and better for my business than me wasting my valuable time trying to do everything.
If you are a small business owner, a sole trader or a business partnership who wants to have a successful business which will continue to grow despite the economic climate, make the decision to take some time away from your business for a few hours a week to participate in a mentoring program like this, you won’t regret it.” –  A. Counsel- The Ambaa Tree


“The Over 45’s Entrepreneur program is a fantastic refresher course for all business owners that are a bit jaded and need new ideas on how to grow their business. It is also a must for all those just starting out in business who think they have all the skills necessary – prepare to be surprised! Having a mentor to share ideas with and talk about the ups and downs means that running your own business is less of a lonely uphill battle. All the speakers were motivating and encouraging and for me I have really seen the benefits particularly in my confidence levels. Being passionate about what you do is one thing but having the courage and momentum to succeed is what the program has given me.“- L. Asquith-Women2Work
We are so fortunate to have some very successful business owners who want to give back to their community…without these special people-the Mentors- these programs would not work.
This is the first time the Women in Business program had been approved to come to the Northern Beaches, don’t miss out-join now as it starts at the end of this month!
Call Sue on 0423 3790 934 or visit http://www.inspiringwomen.org.au/SmallBusinessMentoring.aspx to read more….


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