Welcome 2009!

I see that I have been remiss in December with my posts!
Could this have anything to do with the fact that there were many back to back events happening? (Not only for me to attend but also events I was organising!)

I’ve had a fabulous break and now think back trying to remember December, and it was a blur of activities, horrendous weather on days I’d organised outdoor events (need to have a word with the person upstairs about that), organising my own family Xmas to occur early due to my goingaway overseas, and just to top it off a government submission landed on my desk to be completed in 1.5 weeks in between everything else!

The only way to relax, and empty my mind was to go far far away, no phones, emails, contact with the work world at all. And fortunately I found my sense of humour whilst I was away…I was wondering where I’d left it!

I saw family and friends at Xmas in Austria, mainly in Vienna but also down the south end of Austria in the mountain and lakes area of Carinthia. Also dissappeared quickly to Prague to explore this medieval city. Beautiful!
I loved the snow and the cold weather,though leaving when it was -10C and arriving in Sydney when it was going to be 40C was a bit much to cope with.
So I sent my Austrian friends photos of the sunny beaches back here just to tease them, they say they are warming themselves just by looking at them.

So now I have emptied my mind, I’m hanging on for dear life to keep the holiday mood with me. I’ve found restricting what I read, watch and listen to keeps my mind from filling up too quickly. Information overload happens without us even realising it and before you know it, your mind is making “to do” lists trying to process everything in a flash.

Being in Europe and speaking to people made me realise we have long had the media here carrying on about the GFC (Global Financial Crisis) way before we were feeling any effects. It was very evident to me how much some industries were suffering there, way more than us in Australia. The distant shores of Australia has insulated us so that we can see what is happening in advance and actually can be proactive here to protect ourselves.

I’m sure we are going to see some mighty businesses fall in 2009 but the wonderful thing about small business is that we can adapt to our customer needs quickly. Retail, tourism, entertainment, vehicle and luxury industries are all going to find it hard going and some may fall by the wayside.

If you are in these industries put yourself in your customers shoes fast! They are only spending their dollars on essentials…how can you help? What can you offer them instead of the expensive alternative? Old fashioned things from the past just like grandma used to do, will be back in vogue again, bragging about who has saved the most money on particular items etc. Reusing instead of replacing, repairing instead of buying it new.

Time to start thinking outside the square! Try things you haven’t considered before, if you’ve run out of ideas, what about getting some friends together to brainstorm?


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