We need a Business Economic Development Officer!

Yet again, another phone call received from a government department asking for information about businesses in the area…yet again, unable to assist, grrrr.
What’s this about? I hear you ask.

Let me explain….

Most Councils have someone really important in their department for the business community. They are called a Business Economic Development officer. Their job is to liase between businesses and the council, encourage new businesses into the area, create an exciting mix of industries and assist with lists of businesses in the area etc. provide statistics. How much would it assist your business if you knew how many others of the same were in your area?
How much would this assist in your marketing, your business plan and understanding the community you are in?

The Northern Beaches has been lacking in this area, especially the Warringah Council but also Pittwater as well. Pittwater had one but decided to put him in another more important job in the council (what that could be who knows?) Warringah Council were talking of “sharing” one.

Warringah especially needs one as the diversity of industries hidden in this large area is huge.
Yes again, another govenment department (State Gov this time- Federal week before) is phoning me looking for information for statistics and assist businesses in the area.

How can businesses in this area get assistance without someone collecting the data to prove how many industries are here?
We are stuck in a catch-22 situation.
Until we get the data, it is not deemed important as it’sjust a mixture of industries. Who would be willing to collect all the data without getting paid for it?
No one of course.

That’s why we need a Business Economic Development Officer and I urge all business owners to write to their councils insisting they have one. The business community are rate payers too and we are often forgotten in the “community mix” of a council area.

Local businesses didn’t get us into the financial challenge we have world wide. Large corps did. We should be looked after like gold, we hire local people, supply to the locals, for gods sake we ARE the locals in many cases!

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