Wanted: Unloved building materials + helping hands!

I’m very excited about a project that Warringah Council have started working on. I’m pretty sure it’s the first of its kind.

This concept will be talked about for some time for its innovation.

It’s a step outside of Council’s comfort zone and an engineers nightmare!


Because an old Scout Hall is being rejuvenated into the Curl Curl Creative Arts Centre being built entirely out of de-constructed, 2nd hand and salvaged materials.

No dump trucks will be removing garbage off the site at all, it’s all being reused!

A wonderfully passionate person, Andrew O’Sullivan is the creator of this new space and he is on a mission.

I met him this afternoon and now I am asking you to ask your friends to find more materials.

I believe you manifest what you want, so Andrew is going to manifest an entire building!

He needs help finding some building materials to add to his growing collection to complete the art space.

The shopping list so far includes:

  • 50,000 litre water tank
  • Gabion cages owner/builders/ construction companies sometimes over order these wire cages
  • CLEAN soil – nothing contaminated please!
  • Sandstone – anyone getting rid of their old house foundations?
  • old bearers and joists 4×3 and 4×2 in hardwood
  • glass sheets – safety glass please (laminated)
  • corrugated iron (not too rusty please)
  • old floor boards 4″ hardwood
  • old sheets of 4″ plywood (must have at least one good side)
  • old oregon timber 4 x 2 and up in size (oregon is usually in roofs as trusses)
  • old spotlight halogen lighting
  • + hands to help paint, plant and beautify when the fun part of decorating begins!

Andrew has spoken with 16 community groups in the area and is passionate about creating a space for the community that people will love, relax and welcome to the area around Curl Curl lagoon.
Andrew helped create the Eco House at Kimbriki, a must see place at our tip!

Every living thing has been re-housed out of the old Scout Hall, possums into possum boxes, birds, geckos you name it. All in lovely home close by, so now we need to work in the inside.

The Scouts themselves are keen to help turn their unused hall into a vibrant  community space again.

If you know someone renovating, make sure you ask them what they are throwing out and check to see if we need it! Information is available and if you want to register to give a helping hand visit http://www.warringah.nsw.gov.au/your-council/current-works-and-projects/curl-curl-artistic-space

As more specific amounts of items are required, items will be updated or added on the webpage above, so keep checking on the page to see what the latest items required are. Andrew has already scored some gorgeous items out of Kimbriki and from council kerbside clean up days.

If you have any of the materials listed above please call Andrew directly on 0416 284 228 or register at this link

Business owners; if you want to donate 2nd hand goods or if you have unwanted goods for this project call Andrew to discuss sponsorship options.

Waste Artists; when you are out searching for your art materials, keep an eye out for the shopping list above!

Be part of something that has not been done before on this scale, a community blitz style of renovating a public building. Don’t be shy, call Andrew!


Old Scout Hall above

Mock up of possible Creative Space below


Of course we can’t really show you what the finished building will look like as it depends on what recycled materials are found. But after meeting Andrew, I’m sure it will have humour and beauty combined into one space.

Start searching – reduce, reuse, recycle and let’s make an amazing space together!

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