The things we forget to celebrate

Why put off Celebrations?
I had a great Saturday, not only did I take out my dear old Dad for his fortnightly breakfast outing but I even went out for lunch to celebrate a girlfriends 5 year ovarian cancer-free year!
The amount of people who have asked me about my weekend- they all look delighted when I tell them, however I also feel we all too often forget to mark these very special occasions.

This girfriend had asked those who were close to her at that time to come and share this occassion at a beautiful restaurant. Thankfully she remembers many of the very funny times we had as I was her “chemo” partner whose job it was to take her to and from the chemo treatments and cheer the room. I must’ve done a good job as she said she can’t honestly remember what was so funny at the time but the room was laughing and joking everytime we went. Another lady who attended to the “next day” attendee who always turned up the next day after chemo- usually with a bottle of red to keep to fun going…

This was important landmark-Ovarian cancer is not visible, does not have many or any symptoms at all.
What things have you done or achieved that deserve to be celebrated?
Why should you just let these things pass without acknowedging them?
Sometimes it’s good to stop, celebrate and spread the good cheer!

One response to “The things we forget to celebrate”

  1. IW says:

    Good one you Lyn, every day will be a celebration to remember- how wonderful!