The secret of joy in work in contained in one word – excellence

Our latest newsletter headline is about joy in your work…
When you know how to do something well, you really enjoy it – and it shows!

When you are enjoying what you do, everyone enjoys being around you- your customers, your employees (if you have them) and your family!

The responsibility of being an employer is not letting it show when things are not going your way and you are feeling down. As with anything, most employees can understand one day or two when you may feel down but if it continues, it affects the morale and productivity of the whole business.

Why am I mentioning this?

Well our next guest speaker is all about activating joy inside you and those around you.
18 months ago I had a chat with a local business owner, who said he finally realised the reason why his staff looked and acted sad most of the time. It was because he (the owner) was!
He decided to change his whole attitude to his business, including posting up new motivational sayings everyday in his workplace, talking about the future of the business with his employees and not letting his general disposition affect others working for him-especially as his business was in the hospitality industry!

He said it had an immediate affect on his business- his customers seemed happier, his staff certainly were and he said he felt happier in his business too.

Quite often when you start something new you are full of enthusiasm and endless possibilities and then things don’t always go to plan….and it starts to wear you down…

This is quite normal however remember to not stay “down” otherwise you can become your own worst nightmare to work with. Noone wants to be around a “sad sack” all the time and quite often the poor business owner is the last to realise that their state of mind has changed from positivie to negative.

When you start to lose enthusiasm sometimes it’s a good time to check back as to why you started your business. If you wrote a business plan, read it. Does it remind you why you wanted to be in the industry? If that is fine, maybe something else in your life is not working well and is affecting your attitude?..Maybe you’ve tucked it away in your mind to deal with later?

It may be time to bring it out and take a good look at what is really bothering you and actually deal with it. You may be procrastinating (but that is anther guest speaker we have lined up later in the month).

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