The joys of organising a "move"

I’m feeling a little overwhelmed at the moment…

I’ve got a fabulous new office to move to soon, the office furniture people have a floorplan and are busy trying to sort out a useable floorplan. My current funiture is deemed not “cool” enough to use (as I work for a not for profit, our funiture is all donated) so my current office looks a little like a Vinnies store.
The electrician couldn’t meet me last week as there was a problem receiving keys from the owners, so now the telephone is delayed until the electrician can get in as he can put in the data points as well.

Are you following me? No? Don’t worry, I’m lost too and I’m supposed to be organising it!

To top this off, I’ve received 2 newish 2nd hand computers that I have to get networked and wireless and work out when is the best time to be off the air so my main computer can have it’s brain removed (hard drive for all you techies) and transplanted into the newish computers.

On a personal front, the man in my life is about to sell his place and I’ve been trying to get his place looking good for the sale, however it still has a way to go and since I can only be there on the weekends..I can only achieve so much as somewhere I am also supposed to rest somewhere on a weekend.

It’s always amazing to me how much it all looks like a mess until the end when it all fits neatly together….and everything works out in the end.

I’m in the mess part at the moment and it’s getting very scary- but I love the fact that soon it will be over and I’ll wonder what the hell I was worried about in the first place.
Starting up a business can be exactly the same – you wonder how it’s going to look at the end when you are about to start..and then it just happens.
All the same emotions apply: excitement, fear, anxiety, occasional crankiness when things aren’t going as they should, then joy and pride.

Considering this is going to be the 3rd office move in 2 years, you’d think I’d be used to it by now but it’s something I doubt you ever get over quickly.

My last move was assisted by 2 gorgeous south americans who lacked english skills, this didn’t bother me until I realised that when I was parking that their left was really my right and we provided a comedy act in reverse parking a fully laden trailer!
Lots of hand gesturing and laughing (from them, myself and the frightened bystanders) made it certainly one of the most memorable moves in the past!
Stay tuned to see how I fair this time.

One response to “The joys of organising a "move"”

  1. Liz says:

    When I was in college I’d start to get panicked over the homework load (papers, midterms, finals, whatever). The way I got through was always to think, “well, in XX time it will all be over. No matter how bad it is now, it that period of time it will be over.” To this day it helps me! And I like how you equate the “mess” part with starting up a business — you’re so right! I’ve been reading about a great book about Power of Women United successful women and how they got that way, “The Power of Women United.” Woman after woman shares her personal story of how she got where she is: the impetus, the motivation, the spur, whatever. Great insights — and inspirational, too, in helping women find their true passions (whatever that passion may be).