The brave may not live forever, but the cautious don’t live at all. – Ashley L.

Courage takes many forms… 

I have been privileged to meet many courageous people in my years on this earth.
People who have left their comfort zones and stepped out into the unknown and found adventure!

Whether it was packing up their homes and finding a new direction,leaving an unhappy relationship with no security in their immediate future or starting a new business venture just to name a few.
I’ve had to be courageous over the years and I’m sure everyone else has too.

This doesn’t mean they weren’t scared or nervous or even wondering what the hell they were doing – they just went out and did it anyway.
These courageous people sometimes get mistaken as strong, self assured people but the real difference I can see is that they actually just go ahead and “give it a go”.
If it works it works, if not they try again differently.

So many people seem to only want to change if everything around them is “perfect”. Well guess what?
Perfect never just happens by itself. It happens because someone went out and did something.

Sometimes you see or hear of people who need to talk themselves “up” to get the courage to do things- this happens in sport a lot. However in business this can be a problem as it means you have to produce what you say you are going to do and unless you really can provide that amazing service or awesome product that you promise, you end up with very dissatisfied customers, clients and suppliers.
Making excuses doesn’t work if you have to use them regularly…

It can take courage to keep going, especially when things gets tough and you lay awake at night wondering if you are moving in the right direction.
Most small business owners have courage, some use it regularly, others hardly at all.
But everyone had it when they originally started their business, it was a step into the unknown.
They took a chance. Some people are risk adverse, small business owners aren’t.

Maybe its a good thing for longer term owners to sit back and remember how they felt when they started, the adrenalin, the excitement, the nervousness of wondering if it will turn out as you hope it will.
Long term owners can become complacent, predictable, stuck in routines.

I have been lucky enough to meet people who have courage in conviction and ideas and I know they would’ve made a great business person.
Sometimes courage is needed when you least expect it and you have no other choice. Especially when bad news comes along. For example, as women you all know someone who has been diagnosed with cancer- you know that person has no choice except to be courageous and quite often that person surprises themselves as the courage comes from no where but from somewhere deep within.
They just didn’t know it was there.

Courage is not living without fear.
Courage is being scared to death and doing the right thing anyway.

I’d like to honour each of you who I know had the courage to start your small business, may you find the courage within to continue your amazing lives…..

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