The Boss of You

the boss

Who is the Boss of You?

You. Are.

When you run your own business, you are in charge of what gets done…as well as what doesn’t.

It means that you can have fabulous days of productivity as well as days you wish you had started again. we all have those days.

It’s hard to stay motivated when you work from home, especially if you are a gregarious person who loves to bounce ideas….and I’ll admit I’m struggling.

When I meet other business owners, it’s not hard to pick the ones who are struggling too – sometimes you just need to get out and talk to others about what is happening…or NOT happening to kick start yourself into gear!

the boss of me

It’s all about attitude and help. You are the boss of your attitude, what you get done and what you don’t.

Help yourself, sometimes making something dull into fun and getting out and just doing it works. sometimes it’s just tackling that task you’ve been avoiding and getting it done will release you to get to the fun stuff you love to do.

Last week I was at some training sessions and one of the participants was raving about an old book that many people know of called “Eat that Frog” by Brian Tracey. If you don’t know this book, then read it – it is all about procrastination and even though there is nothing new it is really about common sense.
And we all know about common sense, something it’s not that common!

Something we all need reminding about from time to time without beating yourself with a guilt trip.

Learning to harness and control that little voice inside your head is sometimes easier said than done but it’s time to get tough with that voice and kick it out!

Because remember – YOU ARE THE BOSS!


Have you any tips on what works for you? Please share your tips as we all need a motivational kick from time to time!

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