Thank you local businesses for your generosity!

It all started with a small request.helpBubble

A local teacher had read a small local paper article about some Councillors and a mayor going off the Brewarrina to celebrate 150 years of Brewarrina’s Council.

Her email asked for a small donation.

She was a high school teacher that was a HSC marker and judge, she had been asked to go out to Brewarrina to teach the kids what exam markers looked for in the exams.

Could Council donate some cash to buy a little stationery?

For those of you who saw the callout – I asked local businesses to donate any spare stationery- and donate you did!


Warringah Council did donate a little money and now the teacher has returned she’s had a wonderful time and in her words says….

The students were so appreciative and they absolutely loved the show bags. I used the extra stationary that wasn’t in the bags for quizzes and little tests that I had going all day long- some of the money even went on Canteen vouchers for students making an effort!! I had the students doing creative writing exercises based on the senses using some of the $100 for the stimulus material- it’a amazing how the sense of taste and smell can be evoked and written about by a seventeen year old with lollies and popcorn!!
Seriously though I had resources for them and tips galore based on my 20 years as an HSC marker and a judge- the person who decides the cut offs between bands -for example band 5 and band 6 . I could also explain how to of achieve a good ATAR by writing in different styles in different subjects- for example  how to write in Chemistry or PD/Health/PE etc.

The whole day would not nearly have been the success that it was without your support and the support of the businesses of Warringah and I am truly grateful that you supported the initiative so enthusiastically.
Read below the draft of the article that is going to appear in the Brewarrina local newspaper which reflects who was there and what went on on the day as well as some  some photos of the day.”

Bre HSC kids


Last Thursday 14th May  Brewarrina central school saw over forty HSC students and eight teachers from surrounding schools attend a special HSC and English syllabus forum.

Principal Pater Morgan organized two experienced HSC teachers to travel from Sydney and share their insights about the HSC, marking and the new English syllabus.

“It was an inspiring day”, said Peter Morgan on Thursday afternoon. “We wanted to showcase to our senior students how they can maximize their time leading up to the HSC in October. By bringing a teacher who has worked with a range of students and is an experienced HSC marker we felt this would be an excellent opportunity to assist our students reach their personal best.”

Felicity Kersten, an English teacher from Sydney’s northern beaches and who has marked the HSC for 20 years, ran an intensive workshop for the students for the entire day. The workshop included study techniques, skills to attack the HSC questions, strategies for creative writing, essay skills and general tips for success over all HSC subjects.

One of the students said that the day was “great as it reinforced all of the stuff that I need to work on and improve. It has also given me motivation.”

Another commented that ‘the day was well worth coming to and I am able to take a lot more back to school than I knew before.”

One student gave the day 10/10 and said, “I enjoyed having learnt various new techniques and getting a head start for the English paper in the HSC. It was intriguing and informative.”

A bonus for the students was a show bag for each student filled with items provided by Warringah Council who is the sister city council for Brewarrina. Students received writing materials and stationery to assist their preparation. Items were also provided by Officeworks  Dee Why.

Following the day, Peter Morgan said that “This was a fantastic opportunity not only for the students in surrounding schools but for our marvelous students at Brewarrina. We are really committed to raising the bar and assisting our students to improve their learning and gain personal success in the HSC. Bre kids are clever, curious and really care about doing well. Our intention now is to help them achieve their personal best by providing experiences such as the one last week.”

Run concurrently with the students workshop was a teacher presentation by Jane Sherlock on the new English syllabus for the Australian Curriculum. Jane who was involved in the draft writing process. It was an opportunity for the teachers from Bourke, Coonamble, Brewarrina  and Nyngan to explore texts for the new syllabus and to examine some units of work written specifically for the new English syllabus. END.

bre kids

A little footnote:,OfficeWorks didn’t actually donate- it was a donation from one of our quiet business mentors who had bought stationery out of his own pocket to donate – a huge thank you to all the businesses and business owners who donated stationary – your gift has travelled far!



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    The honesty of students in completing assessment tasks, examinations and submitted works, and of teachers and others in guiding students, underpins the integrity of the Higher School Certificate. Throughout the assessment process, the highest level of honesty is required.