Thank God for holidays!

Finally I managed to slip away for a few days and retreat out of the city!
To drive around the countryside is such a divine treat to soothe the soul. Away from noise, phones ringing, emails etc and just look into the distance and hear birds, cows and nature.

I only got away for 4 days and it wasn’t long enough, I had just started to relax and it was back to the grind stone again. I should have remembered this from running past businesses.
I was once told by a wise old soul, one week isn’t enough to relax, two weeks you start to get relaxed and the 3rd week you actually enjoy! (also known if you have staff to be effective, if you are only away for 2 weeks they can defer all calls till you get back, but if you’re taking 3 weeks off the staff have to action it).

It’s amazing how much clearer you can think once you’ve stepped back for awhile. A must for everyone who works.
I also had great news when I came back though, a course that I had been studying for the last 5 months had written back saying my submission had been assessed and I had passed. For someone that had not done any formal training for long long time and for medical reasons was not sure that I could retain the memory of learning new training, I was delighted to find out I had passed.

What a great thing to sweep away the blues of being back at work!

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