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IW Lunch

The Multi-Generational Business. Today our clients and colleagues can span up to 4 generations and communication between the generations can be challenging. In a multigenerational workplace and world, connecting, engaging and leading a team that is united, who show up for work and are open to others’ ideas creates a link with the customers of today who span… Continue Reading

IW Moonlighting

Moonlighting is a relaxed casual networking night hosted by a member who gives us insights into their industry. Meet another local business and see what they do behind the scenes. This month meet Diana Shypula from Koshka Media where she will demonstrate a Headshot Workshop. She will demonstrate the process of taking a professional portrait… Continue Reading

IW Business Lunch

How do our younger generaltions find out about their future career paths?
If you are like most of us, you would’ve known what your immediate family did for work but not that much more….
Those problems still exist today and now there is a program you can be involved in to share your story.
Lend yourself out, whether for 1 hour or more! Continue Reading