“Success is not the result of spontaneous combustion. You must set yourself on fire.” ~Reggie Leach

Congratulations to the newest group of graduates from the Women in Business Mentoring program for 2012 in Sydney!

The ladies have been a wonder to watch and excitement grows with anticipation of the possibilities and future directions of these incredible businesses and their owners.

This program matches each business woman with a Mentor. Sometimes the Mentor is another woman and sometimes it’s a man, what the Mentors have in common is that they have been successful themselves and know the challenges along the way. These people are together for 5 or more months and learn about each other along the way.

What is success??

I can show you what success actually looks like!

It is never a straight path but one of learning from mistakes, taking wrong turns and always learning from them.

 Learning is the most important part!

If you keep making the same mistakes over & over again you are not learning from them are you? You’re probably just stubborn!
And just as detrimental is making no mistakes at all..(this is actually a version of paralysis by analysis) where you are doing nothing at all so you never make a mistake because everything has to be perfect before you do anything.

If you are like most people, you will think that success comes from the “big moments in life” IE: the multi million dollar customer, the offer too good to refuse for your business, the 25 branches you plan to open around the country, retiring early in life etc.
Let me tell you it isn’t. That’s quite often what others people’s perceptions are…
And often it takes something major to happen to realise that is is all the small joys and wins that makes the entire journey a success, not just one event.
What would I know?
My major “thing” that woke me up what being told by specialists to “make my will” before they operated on me and to finalise everything in my life before I went into hospital…that was in 2003/04.
There was no guarantees- I may live however the quality of my life may mean I would end up in a nursing home.
Up till then I had a successful business that was still undergoing some major growing challenges management wise as operationally it was strong and secure. I was still young and indestructible.
Can I tell you that you have a whole new appreciation of life in general after that?
Success for me became a whole string of small achievements, dressing myself, walking a certain distance without being exhausted, etc.
The big moments in life seemed to be less significant and the joys came from the small achievements that came from noticing things and people around me.

I suspect that many people as they get older in life realise this too as even the most “crusty old character” always seems to soften in old age.

Success is when you realise that you will always keep learning, loving and wondering about what you do in life, even in business.
One of the most common sayings I hear is that “Until I did this course I didn’t know what I didn’t know”..
There are two great sayings I believe we should constantly remind ourselves about are:

“It is what you learn after you know it all that counts.” ~John Wooden

“As knowledge increases, wonder deepens.” ~Charles Morgan

If you believe ignorance is bliss, good luck to you~ as I believe the more information you know about, the easier it is to make an informed choice as to what direction to move to next.

When we have an open mind success has a funny way of finding us!
What success have you had in your business lately that you have maybe forgotten to acknowledge and be grateful for?

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