Starting a Business

Where has the time flown?
The last time I look at this I see that it was January. SCARY!!
A lot has been happening with meetings with new businesses and old. More questionnaires to my members and mailing list to see if my instinct was right. and seeing that it was about in which direction I move in.

More about that later.

I went for a walk this morning down by the beach and ran into some friends of mine from one of the local Rotary groups, who were helping out with a small event in the carpark of the surfclub.
Long story short, I met a lady that i’d only spoken to over the phone and she was asking about starting a business, telling me she was scared to but felt her idea was a very worthwhile one (which it is!) but was nervous as she is a single parent.

I’ve emailed her with some information on fabulous websites, meetings that are held regularly by BEC’s (Business Enterprirse Centres) that all have great information for people thinking of starting a business. There are even specific ones for working at home to keep your motivation going!
Anyone thinking of starting should look at the Information Resources section of the website at

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