September was Small Business Month

Here in NSW September is Small Business Month and many organisations put on events for the small to medium sized business.
Being in an economic crunch time, there were many workshops, speaker events etc on for business people to learn from.

The funny thing is, when times are tough you don’t always feel like getting out and about networking and learning. However, this is usually exactly why you need to get out in the 1st place.
Hearing how others are coping (or not), who has thought of a different way to market their product or service, who is moving up despite the tough times and how are they managing it are things that you hear and get motivated by.
Usually we just want to hide away and wait till the worst has past, though that is how you miss opportunities as well.
So, if you missed out this year, shame on you! 2009 will have even more events to get you motivated!

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