Rock on 2014 – here’s some inspiration for you!

As I write this I am slowly getting my head around the fact that I am “back at work”….

My mind is arguing with me, it prefers I’d work like this….

beach office

When sadly my desk is the last place I have yet to clear and it looks like this…


If like me, you had a chance to quieten the chatter in your head, I’m slowly getting back into the saddle (or office chair) to get ready to create another inspirational year. (And yes, my desk will be clean this week)

I am really keen to hang on to every piece of calm and quiet I can before the calm disappears into busyness.

So many posts, emails and newsletters I receive all talk about the New Year goals and aspirations.

I’ve written in my previous New Year blogs and how all inspired we all get about a New Year in New Year Resolutions for your Business.

But before you charge off into the New Year with your new goals, vision boards, bucket lists etc. etc. please make sure to take the time to reflect on what you achieved, created or maybe could have done better last year.

What’s the point of planning if you are not checking and correcting simple things along the way?



If you don’t know what you are doing wrong, then ask someone!

It’s time to honour the past year, acknowledge how far you’ve come and what you achieved in the last year.

For some inspiration I’ve included here a link to a fabulous article & especially the video that each of you should watch just to get your motor running!

This Inspiring Tribute Will Make You Proud To Be A Woman (Or Wish You Were One)


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