Opportunity knocks to promote your small business: offer ends Oct 8


Exclusive offer for Inspiring Women and Warringah Chamber of Commerce members.

‘Inner Wheel’ (an International Women’s organisation which runs parallel with Rotary Club International) is hosting The Inner Wheel Conference in Warringah in October 2016.

This means that delegates from across Australia plus from overseas will be visiting the Northern Beaches and offers an opportunity for many local businesses to offer products and services to these visiting delegates.

At this years conference in Warrnambool, Victoria there will be 500 goody bags handed out to wet the delegates appetites as to the sights, shopping and opportunities for them.

Inspiring Women financial members can get their promotional marketing material and items in these bags for the pre-conference for FREE.

If you are not a member and would still like to be part of this opportunity for $50.00+ you can be included in all the 2016 promotional material and at the 2016 conference.

READ THE SPONSORSHIP PACKAGE HERE (please note you can download this document, it has full details)

For any one who wishes to take up the pre-conference offer we need the material by 8 October 2015.
Inner Wheel will be distributing 500 bags at this years conference in Warnambool, Vic so they will need 500 brochures from each business that would like to be involved.

If you are interested, please contact Christine McCormack, Phone: 0418 201 228 work: 1300 997 905

This is a great way for business to extend their advertising and add valuable new names to their data base.
Inner Wheel also have a hall of friendship where limited business can have a promotional booth & Inspiring Women will have a booth that promotes the business involved.

Quick Facts:

  • Expected attendance in 2016: 500-1000
  • Ability to provide a number of quality and value packages for our members that appeal to a wide range of lifestyles, budgets and nationalities.The benefit to the Customer must be real, not imagined.
  • Audience: Women Age:35 – 80 and husbands (Rotary Clubs)

Inner Wheel is an amazing organisation involved in many projects, their cord blood project, which has raised over two million dollars since 2001, won the Australian Event Awards 2015 ‘Best Charity or Cause-Related Event’ ACT, QLD & TAS: Cord Blood Day.

Please note: Christine will be cross referencing with me to check that ladies are financial members of Inspiring Women.

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