“Opportunity is missed by most people”

What an amazing week last week was here on the Northern Beaches for Microbiz.

Sadly the wild & wet weather affected attendances on the Tuesday morning event with Robert Gerrish as guest speaker. Robert’s new talk was well worth listening to, his topic was ‘How to attract your Ideal Client’.

I have had the pleasure of listening to Robert on a number of occasions-his sense of humour and laid back style really sits well with me. He can get the message across simply and effectively and if you get a chance to listen to him, please do!
Last year, both he & I were guest speakers for Microbiz week on the topic of networking and I admit I was a bit thrown by the fact I had to speak after him….however whenever you get to speak about a topic that is close to your heart (I was asked to speak about Inspiring Women)- the words are so easy so say! Robert again was his usual relaxed and funny self!

Wednesday was a big day for one of our participants in the Women in Business program- she had to speak for the Mumpreneur event- and did a brilliant job!

Thursday was a bit of fun with networking at Cheeky Monkeys Playhouse, a play centre for kids in Warriewood. Our guest speaker spoke about Networking potentials and how to utilise them.

Friday was a breakfast with Caroline Loton from Juntos Marketing had some great insights and reminders about marketing….all these events were free thanks to the good people at NSW Industry & Investment (name about to change).

One lady who is a participant in the Women in Business program was at every session I went to- I was impressed with her stamina and her dedication to improving her business knowledge- what a champion!

Why such a big deal over Microbusinesses & what is a Micro business?

A micro business is classified as one that operates with four people or
less. Micro business is one of the fastest growing sectors in the NSW economy,
making up 88% of the State’s small businesses. (Source:Counts of Australian Businesses, Jun 2003 to Jun 2007).
Micro businesses may operate as a single operator or multiple employee
business from either home, mobile, shared offices or commercial premises.
Operating a business from home has become increasingly common because of of
the digital revolution, outsourcing, the trend to self-employment and the growth
of service industries.
On the Northern Beaches we have one of the highest ownership of Micro & Small businesses compared to anywhere else in Sydney, with 88% of us employing staff as well.
Is it because we are insular (as in the insular peninsula) or is it because our roads here are so congested we prefer to start our own business than travel outside for 1-1.5hours each way? Or is it because we have more entrepreneurs in the area???
What do you think? Love to know your thoughts, feel free to post them up!



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