Oh No – not another boring presentation!

Many of us are lucky, much more than we realise.

If you have been actively networking, meeting at business events, then you know when a truly great speaker comes along and a “not so good” one.

You can tell in the first 2 minutes!

Well, let me tell you that after almost a year of being on Council and having weekly presentations from Local and State Government departments it has been an interesting time trying to turn the tide of boring “death by power-point” presentations into better presentations.

death by pp


The horror started around October/ November with an all day presentation by a noted academic with approximately 866 slides THAT HE READ OUT TO US……….EVERY.SINGLE.ONE.OF.THEM.

And he conveniently had turned it into a book so we could read along with him *silently screaming*



I had hoped this was a one off torture- but no– it seems that this was the normal practice for many presentations to come from every department!

And for many of us councillors with an average intelligence, there is nothing more demeaning than being read to…. every.single.week by many different departments.

It makes it worse when you get the power-points in advance to read and have them read back to you.

pp hell

I understand that some more technical departments want to show us graphs, data, scientific research but we didn’t need to see the entire thesis!

So after some months of fruitful discussion and adjustments we now have our presentations with a slide limit and a “point dot” limit per slide with the presenters now speaking about the information and not reading it to us which now makes it much more interactive and less “telling” which is GREAT!

This has now been happening for a couple of months and has been so much more pleasant to sit through.

So imagine the shock when an “outside professional” presented to us Councillors last weekend on Social Media and had 90 minutes to speak to us, had 90 power-point slides and a book of the 90 slides for us to read. Some of it was so full of information on the slides that you couldn’t have read it on the wall or in the book where the writing is even smaller.

So not even allowing for any questions that was 1 slide per minute! ARRRGGHHHH!

Did he run out of time -YES. did he have to skip over quite a bit of it – YES.

This was a professional- but a professional what? Not a professional presenter that’s for sure.

Why are these presenting skills not being taught, when will people realise they will get information across a lot more easier when they have had a little training themselves in presenting?

We know this as business people but it doesn’t seem important to many larger organisations- why not?

Can you remember your worst presentation you have sat through?

Below is a great TedEx talk by Russian Alexei Kapterev in English about self educating in presentations as the many different industries grow and our skill sets change.

One response to “Oh No – not another boring presentation!”

  1. inspiringwomen says:

    Thanks Wendy,
    I thought I’d seen bad ones until I had witnessed what I have. Luckily they are making huge improvements now but it was interesting to see that some trainers still get it SO wrong. Great post! Hope those that need the help read it!