Sydney, Northern Beaches

Inspiring Women . . .

where vision meets success on the Northern Beaches, Sydney

I joined IW 18 months ago to increase my

Inspiring Women offers a business connection community specifically designed for women.
Unique from other networking groups, Inspiring Women proactively works to create business and relationships between members.
Many of our members are experienced business owners and we love to help and support other business women to keep the knowledge flowing.

Expect vivid conversation, constructive discussion, laughter and understanding in abundance. Our physical meetings are held on the Northern Beaches of Sydney and we do offer 2 versions of online membership for those who cannot attend. One of them is meeting our members online.

For more info have a look around our website and check out Membership, Coming Events, Training, Social and our Op Shop where local businesses are offering and looking for people or items.
And remember, it’s not just what you know, it’s also who you know

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