New Beginnings, the circle of life – staying mentally strong

As “mother hen” of this group, Inspiring Women there are moments that make me look back and acknowledge that life continues its cycle. Over the years I have seen love, death, births, sickness, women move to the country, interstate or overseas- in other words, the cycle of life moves on for everyone.

If I have learned anything, it is that everything is temporary-
nothing stays the same – and there is a difference to how people handle this change, especially for entrepreneurial people who takes risks.

mentally strong

An example of this was last weekend when one of our members down south married her partner, who got married by a celebrant who also is a member and the makeup was done by of course, another member.
What an Inspiring Women wedding!
What’s the risk in this?

A long back story but you can see some photos of the special day – love these ladies and so proud!

Another fabulous member has moved to Dubai. Our own gorgeous Lesley Snell from Northern Beaches Know-How who will probably not sit still for long. I know that in Dubai Lesley will become involved in her new life and educate us on the intricacies of adapting to a new lifestyle. she’s already taken driving lessons to get used to the traffic there. Lesley is someone who takes a challenge, accepts the downside (leaving her beloved Sydney & friends) and looks for opportunities in the challenge. Is Lesley new to this? No. She has done it before.

But it is how she handles it that has made me be in awe of her mental strength and capacity to accept change.

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Life constantly throws challenges and changes at us.

How you decide to handle them seems to predictably affect the way you handle life in general and for how long you decide to hang onto being “affected by the change/challenge”.

Taking this in a business context, moaning about business being tough is fine for the short term but not doing anything about it, planning contingencies and alternative plans if things don’t change is a sure fire way of losing friends and business down the track.

Staying in the “poor me & my business” mode for years is and should not be an option.

Accept that business changes, life changes and realise it is all temporary.

This helps you to let go of hanging onto how you think it should be and opens you up to opportunities that you may have missed because you wanted your life of business to move in a certain direction.

This article caught my eye this week as it encapsulates exactly what I see happen to people around me.

I know I have been accused in the past of being a bit tough on people and maybe I am but I feel that is not my problem. I certainly have met plenty of “tough women” as well as soft. I believe you can be both, and importantly it is the way you handle the challenges that affects your mental capacity to cope.

Each person copes with challenges in a way they know how and some people find more opportunities than others.

If you have 3 minutes to spare please read this article and think about what you may need to change in the way you handle things.

13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do – article source LifeHack

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