My recent survey results on Women in Business

Since my last posting, I’ve been busy planning my steps in Inspiring Women for this coming year.
In my contacts with other ladies at the moment , it seems that many are in the same phase of planning.

To get a better idea of my members thoughts at the moment,I’ve been doing a survey and one of the questions is “The phone rings, Lotto have phoned to tell you you have won a million dollars. What do you do next?”

This question was designed to see if the money pressure was off your business, what would you do with the freedom? Buy shoes to your hearts content? Have a holidays? Expand your business?

Interestingly, even though the poll hasn’t finished yet, the strong response seems so far to be-take a holiday and give myself the time to plan & dream about the business. (Also followed by investing).

Which makes me then wonder- is money the way of finding more time in our day? Surely not!

But the perception must be strong, as not having to work to earn immediate money means our time can be spent being creative with our brains instead of working in our businesses.

By the way, if you want to run your own questionnaires for free, a great website to visit is
It lets you design a large variety of questions and gives an instant analysis of the results. If you upgrde to a paid version the options are even more.
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