Meetings, Meetings, Meetings!

Sometimes I get so lost in the world of meetings Iwonder how I can get anything done at all!
The time will soon come for me to step back from some duties to concentrate at achieving what was discussed at the meetings, instead of just talking about it.

Next month is Small Business September and I have been busily getting in touch and finding out more about who has what on offer for this month. Very important for small business people!

As I use my website to communicate what’s on offer, sometimes it gets a bit overwhelming as all of a sudden there are a heap of workshops, meetings, talks and I am trying to sift through it all to find out which ones are the better ones for the local business people.

Last week was our Moonlighting event, which was not well attended due to cold and freezing conditions and women with all kinds of partner/children issues!

I must admit though there are some funny reasons why some of the ladies cannot attend the meetings and the funniest one so far was an sms message from a member who said she couldn’t attend as her partner/babysitter had given up smoking and was way too grumpy to be left alone with the child!
It made me wonder what the partner was capable of doing to the child in absense of it’s mother….did you have to keep sharp pointy instruments hidden??? What was the partner capable of in a fit of nicotine withdrawal?
I know I get grumpy when I give up smoking but could I cause physical harm to a child?? Doubt it very much!

Stay happy until the next posting!

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