LIttle Wins for Working Women

Inspiring Women had another successful meeting last Friday- titled Little Wins for Working Women.
Our guest speaker, Jen Dalitz had really given everyone something to think about. Small comments sometimes cut the deepest.

A story about a farmer near where her farm is who shot himself- how close to the edge are some of us?
How when things start to become overwhelming we cut ourselves away from friends and attending functions because we are in survival mode and we start looking after everyone else except ourselves.
Bit by bit, we deny ourselves in order to ‘get things done”.

I know I am a culprit of this- and so are many that I know.
Sometimes you need a timely reminder to look around and see who has been missing out of your life for awhile. One friend, who I used to see regularly phone me recently after a long absense and 3 messages from me to say she had 1 month that she had time to see friends and could only see me on a particular date in that month.

She sounded exhausted.

She has been working so hard, and looking after a relative (who was away for that 1 month) and was busy booking in all the people she hadn’t seen before the relative came back.

I’ve been that exhausted.

Another member emailed me who had listened to the podcast of this meeting to say how she had cried and realised that she had been running close to the wind herself.

Many little gems came out of that meeting, too many to mention, but for this long timer in listeneing to speakers, it’s great when someone actually gets through to you with a message that hits all the right buttons.

This month will be exciting as it will be our 3 year celebration of Inspiring Women. Have to think of something special to add to our meeting to celebrate!

Stay tuned…
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