Joys of Funding and finance!

Just when I thought I was busy, along comes some government funding to show me how busy I can be…
With all the busyness leading up to Xmas, I became aware of some funding that the Warringah Chamber of Commerce could apply for to assist businesses through the current financial times.
Having been on a board many years ago that assisted businesses in the same way I thought I would give it a go and see if I could successfully apply.
Having added it to my things to do list before I headed off overseas for Xmas I crammed as many hours as I could into the submission and sent it off with relief.
As luck would have it, I was successful and now am also running a Business Advisory Service as well as expanding the Chambers events to accomodate the criteria requested.
After getting over my shock and delight of winning the submission, I now have the duty of assisting businesses that are in need of help or advice.

It is so wonderful to be able to really assist businesses and not just tell them where to go ( in the nicest possible way of course) but also in real terms…paying for their coaching, legal or accounting advice. The down side is all the statistics and reporting that must accompany all of this. However it is a small price to pay for the knowledge that it really has made a difference.

It seems strange to offer all this assistance for free to the business owners, however it is great to be suddenly in the position to do so. The last time we offered this much assistance many business owners were too afraid to ask for help (in 2000 when the GST came in). too many closed for my liking as they couldn’t seem to deal with the cashflow dance that was created when the GST came in.
I can only hope that this time, business owners won’t let their egos get in the way of accepting assistance and letting them miss this wonderful opportunity!

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