Insanity is hereditary; you get it from your children-Happy Mother’s Day

What lucky lady I am!

My newsletter went out late yesterday afternoon, a day late but I knew it didn’t matter as more importantly the newsletter was sent before I rushed off to a meeting…not giving it another thought. Then the phone calls started…but let me go back to explain.

I was thinking about my week yesterday and was grumbling about the fact I had 4 late night meetings in a row + 1 very early morning meeting and then stopped to think about it – I’m a lucky lady!

On Monday:I have been honoured to watch the women in the Women in Business program progress and grow in their knowledge and push past their challenges -they had learnt about Online Marketing on Monday night which was facilitated by the wonderful Clodagh Higgins. That morning I was working with amazingly passionate people in the Natural Health & Wellness industry on the Northern Beaches and am constantly amazed at their gratitude for this networking sessions(watch out for us at the Northern Beaches Expo!) How lucky am I to witness this?

Tuesday was spent mainly returning messages and phone calls from people needing information for their businesses + I have been training in learning a speed reading technique. It was great to see some of our Women in Business suddenly becoming lively online (obviously the Training was getting through). How wonderful it to see learning turned into reality?

Wednesday was meetings most of the day including meeting a bank who are keen to really make a difference & help small businesses & went to a training seminar for the Expo that gave me some great ideas for the Natural Health group. How lucky am I that people want to meet to offer back something useful to the small business community?

Thursday morning was a meeting for Manufacturers that had such a unique group of government groups that were explaining funding and assistance that no one normally finds out about (I’ll be posting something about this soon- so excited!)
Thursday night- at our local Council-discussing and opening people’s minds to the reality of what small business actually means to the Economic growth of the Northern Beaches (I’ll need some help on this shortly and will be sending out a request on this soon…)

Then as I raced to he meeting the phone calls started…Happy Mother’s Day cried some of the members- How wonderful to hear joy from mothers!
Last night, I posted that I was at Warringah Council via Foursquare which feeds into my Facebook page-I don’t know why I did it- it was naughty and I actually did it during the meeting whilst a discussion was taking place between 2 parties…I didn’t think anyone would take much notice- boy was I wrong!
Not only were people on Facebook commenting or poking fun but suddenly I was getting direct messages from some other business owners who were online having challenges and could I advise! (Which I promptly did). I couldn’t believe people were still online- they obviously saw I was online too.

This was at 10pm last night mind you.
So why am I lucky?

I love the variety and I love the fact that no matter what time it is or even where you are-if you are in small business there is always someone who is out there either wanting to chat, solve a problem or look for a solution as small biz owners are the ones that choose to work unusual hours (just like mums with small kids) as these are the hours that suit them (& when things are quiet..)

I love what I do and what I am honoured to observe around me… you love what you do?

If you get a chance, read our latest Inspiring women newsletter below- packed full of info what’s on, our next meeting and much more!–you-get-it-from-your-children–Happy-Mothers-Day-Ladies-.html?soid=1102093017394&aid=UXz_wMOzzGE

And finally, if you want to think about your message that your small business sends, have a look at this small 6 minute award winning film that gives a great example of thinking and sending your message differently! This film was made using mainly doctors & nurses as actors…a gentle way to make sure you get the message. Happy Mothers Day!

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