How to Wow

For those of you old enough to remember the jokes about used car salesmen and other professions that were considered untrustworthy….
there is a new generation who seems to have totally missed this”

You know when things sound too good to be true??
An internal BS antenna should rise…

When someone is trying to sell you something and it sounds like the answer to ALL your problems?

Last night I had the chance to catch up with an old business friend to chew over some collective thoughts about what is happening in the current business world around us.

And we both agreed on the same thing.

We seem to have a generation of business people who are turning into the used car salespeople of yesteryear… over promising and under delivering…

The problem is bad news about bad service experiences travels fast…

This is common when businesses start marketing their wishes instead of building up a business reality and putting it into practice.

As my friend put it – small fish in a big pond trying to be big fish…

These people like to tease…they’re promising the world…and it’s all a game.
You’ve probably seen these businesses, hurry and buy now-it’s selling out fast, only 2 tickets left, hundreds or thousands of people have tried this and you will miss out…..they are the guru, the princess, the queen of etc. etc. etc.

Sadly someone in the end usually gets hurt…quite often the over sold customer who gets quite upset, sometimes it’s other businesses who believed the marketing hype.
The REAL Wow factor in business is the old adage under promise and over deliver -not the other way round!
If you don’t follow this philosophy, all it does is leave a bad experience as a lasting memory of your business….remember most customers don’t complain to you- they tell at least 7 of their friends instead!

Have you had an experience of over promising recently???? I’d love it if you shared!

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