How do you fit it all in?

The most common question I get asked at the moment is

“how on earth do you fit it all in?”

Please believe me when I say I DO NOT believe that being busy all the time is a good thing at all for your health however I am someone who does not sit still very well and well, “likes” to have stuff to do….up to a point that is!
In saying that I do believe that most people can fit in most things if they have a plan and recognise what is a priority and what isn’t.
So many people think that having a busy life means you can’t do other things, well I’m living testament that you can and you have love it too!
Prioritise what is important to you, what has to be done (whether you like it or not eg: housework, etc) and  then you can fit other stuff around that too. Of course occasionally the wheels may fall off when things go wrong but that is the “unexpected stuff in life” that can happen along the way- the sooner you accept this fact and the sooner you will be a happier person because of it.
Fitting in civic duties around meeting local business owners has been easy as most of the events I attend work in well with seeing other people in between. In fact quite often attending a local event for Council means I will run into someone I already know in the business community!
As I just got reminded by someone on a phone call today, sometimes we are hardest on ourselves, there are emails we haven’t responded to and other things which we think are important but the reality of it is, that the world doesn’t stop spinning just because you didn’t get everything done!
Learn to love what you have managed to get done as you’ll get around to the rest when the time is right!
Off now to another 2 appointments- have a wonderful day!

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