Happy New Year-2008 here we come!

After having another year of incredible opportunities and not enough time or money to expand on them, I’ve made some changes to see if I can keep 2008 on track!

This year has already started with some incredible surprises, including a very old friend that I worked with 25 years years ago and was like my mentor when I was in my early 20’s.
Her husband contacted me and told me she had died. He had brought her body back from Singapore to Sydney for the funeral. Could I go the next day to the funeral?

My memories of her fun and incredible sense of humour all came back to me. A past carefree life we had of working, living and loving. She had moved away, had children etc.

I had started working in a different industry and making a new life in my new work and eventually started a new business on the northern beaches of Sydney. Not only did it make me reflect on my own mortality as I was supposed to have died myself 4 years ago but it also made me think how we take so much in life for granted. Mostly all the simple things, like smiling, walking, writing, driving etc. Any of these are are constantly taken for granted but are small pleasures when we find we can do them again after a period of abstainance.

Finding myself back at work this week has been a challenge as motivation is lacking. I find my body wants to stay on a break and even when I reason with myself that I HAVE had a break my body doesn’t want to follow what my brain is reasoning. So far, most people I have run into have the same feelings. Luckily my work doesn’t really start until February and I try to keep January for dreaming and planning for my business. Once I start being logical with work I find it hard to be creative, so this time is important, not only for reflecting but also for planning the future.


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