Get your dose of Joy this Friday!

The latest newsletter is out and usually when I press the “send” button a cold feeling comes over me as I realise I have missed mentioning someone’s workshop, event, plea!

Even as I write this I just remembered someone’s request that I forgot to mention (ARGGHHH!)

It is always interesting that no matter who hard you try to “remember” it all you usually cannot and that’s even using lists, reminders and all the other useful tools that are available these days.

But sometimes I find it useful to just remember we all have 24 hours in the day.  Sometimes everything falls into place and other days you just KNOW that nothing is going to go as planned and it is better to just let go and go with the flow!

Usually when things are flowing not quite the way you thought they should I find that life is usually trying to tell you something….something to take notice of, to let go of, remember something….

I am being reminded of some important things to do with life lately; friends gravely ill, older family members becoming frailer, reconnecting with old friends that have been “missing” due to personal ordeals.

We can take ourselves and our businesses sometimes too seriously and reminders come to let you know that life is short- remember to breathe and let loose and have some fun!

That’s whay I highly recommend any and every women to see Breast Wishes, it is and extraordinarily funny show with painful & poignant reminders about growing up, mature age and everything in between! Local producer Anne Looby wrote this originally as breast cancer had hit her family, it has had many writers contribute to the show including Wendy Harmer, Richard Glover and many more who all had a personal view and experience about breasts. (Who hasn’t?)

Considering over 50% of the population have them-why not celebrate them with a song and a laugh!

This show has been travelling around Australia since 2009 and is still going strong. The cast may change but the story can only get better!

Book at Glen Street as the show is here for 1 week only from August 31 to September 4.

To book go to

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