Get Ideas Faster By Using These Simple Tips

Are you looking for some inspiration?

Are you sitting at your desk, staring at your computer and hoping those great ideas will pop into your head?

Whether it’s for a project, a business idea or writing that epic novel, according to the recent survey I did, you’ll be struggling to get those new ideas if you just sit there at your desk and hope that a “lightbulb” moment will hit you.

creative firePsychologists who study creativity say that artists and writers often can produce more new ideas in their sixties or seventies than in their twenties.

So the interesting thing is there isn’t an age limit.
In fact it gets better the older you get…a bit like good wine and cheese!

So where are these ideas coming to you?

1. Indoors – Majority of you said indoors or a combination of indoors/outdoors (70%)

2. Being Still – Over 60% of those surveyed needed to be still or doing something mundane (where you don’t have to think) eg: driving, washing up etc. I know ideas come to me when I’m driving in my car long distances, it’s one of the reasons I like driving.

3. Being alone and dreaming – Nearly 80% of you needed to be alone to dream up ideas though one of you needed to be alone and talking! When you brain storm, quite often those creative ideas will keep on coming for quite awhile afterwards.

creativity talking to yourself4. If you are inside. Well the ideas seem to come pretty evenly either in the morning BEFORE getting out of bed (a good reason to run late perhaps), at night or under the shower.
The place for the LEAST amount of ideas was at your desk, in the afternoon or at lunch.

5. If you are outdoors. Either get walking or driving but whatever you do don’t go to the pub or club!
That is where the least amount of inspiration hits you! Drinking doesn’t seem to bring on any good ideas, probably only ones you’ll regret later.

outdoor ideaSo what type of things should you have to create an indoor space (where the majority of you seem to get ideas)?

Most of you wanted a peaceful, quiet space with whiteboards, though plenty of you wanted some colour as well. Indoor Plants and flowers seemed to be important to create a creative atmosphere whilst having a good outlook.

It had to have plenty of room to move around in with LOTS of paper (some of you wanted large pieces of paper) and writing equipment of all types! Beanbags were a bonus.

Interestingly many of you needed silence. So if groups of people were working together in a large room, those who liked music to work along to would have to wear headphones or earbuds to not disturb the others in the room.

So guess what?

I have found this space for inspiration.

If you have a team or even a small group that needed to do some brain storming and you are in Sydney then check out The Ideas Vault (you must look at their website from a computer or laptop not a mobile device).

It is based at Fox Studios in Moorepark. Their website blurb says;

The environment used for creative sessions has an enormous bearing on the quality and nature of the outcomes. Think about it: don’t you have better ideas when you are in a stimulating, fun, relaxed and comfortable environment?
The Ideas Vault, Australia’s first dedicated creative space, was designed specifically to enable you to generate better ideas for your business. Not simply a workshop room, The Vault’s octagonal shape, natural light, outdoor space, furniture, and facilities make it a unique and exciting venue for workshops or meetings. Conveniently located at The Entertainment Quarter, Sydney, your day at The Ideas Vault will encourage you to relax, drop your shoulders and look at your business in a different way.

I’d like to say straight out here- I am not paid by The Vault to endorse their premises or receive any inducements. In fact, I found out about them by accident whilst checking out the new co working space that opened in Manly called Manly Emporium.
This new space in Manly is for creative types and I suspect that if you are young, hip and an IT dude you’ll fit right in!

It’s a great space with blackboards, whiteboards, meeting rooms etc. But you know the idea they had that I loved the most? A simple one, but one I have not seen before.

The problem with a lot of co working spaces is that if anyone is on their mobile, the whole room can hear it. This is especially bad when you are trying to have a private conversation with a client.
Well Manly Emporium have created the solution- phone booths with no phones, just chairs and a space to take notes!

emporium phone booth

So the idea is, your phone rings and you nip into a phone booth and take the call away from where everyone else is working. Brilliant!

The only thing missing is Superman. (a girl can still dream can’t she?)


If you want to take part in the Inspiration Survey, please go to this link and you will see the results when you’ve completed it.
If you have already completed it previously, it won’t  let you have a 2nd go but you have my gratitude for your contribution.




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