Finally a new baby was born…

Well this week (it’s now Thursday) I finally have a functioning office with phone, fax, internet and email! Relief isn’t the word I can think of about being in my new office, it’s more a feeling of pressure being lifted and my shoulders are relaxing instead of being up around my ears!

Now that I’m here I’m already wondering how I managed before.
People are already dropping in for meetings and talks, the phone (landline) has started ringing and I haven’t even told the public the number yet.

So what else has been happening besides the move you may ask?

Realisation that many balls are still in the air and needto be attended to very soon!
There seems to be 2 extremely diverse things going on in the business world.
Some are struggling incredibly financially and others are booming and not coping with the sudden expansion.

This is certainly a time for businesses to take a hard look at themselves and take advice. I’ve been speaking to accountants who are lamenting that their clients aren’t listening to their advice and then being upset when things are falling apart.
These professionals are there to assist, even if you don’t like what they are saying, you must listen to them. Accountants don’t like giving hard facts or suggestions unless they think you really need it!

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