Fast Track Your Business Success With Facebook

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Fast Track Your Business Success With Facebook



You spend a lifetime honing and crafting your skill but are you making the money to match your skills? So many artists concentrate so much of their time on perfecting what they really love to do, that their marketing skills are less than ideal.

Social Media has provided the tools to change all that. Set up correctly and used wisely it can help you create those all important relationships with people that will lead to commissions and business expansion. No matter what business you’re in it’s the client relationships that lead to paying clients.

You all know how powerful an image can be. How it can create intense emotion and stir a wide range responses. In my opinion Facebook is King of the Social Media tools as it provides an enormous platform to connect to your audience in a myriad of ways.

Over 750,000,000 people have joined Facebook and half of them log in everyday!  Not only that they stay on the platform much longer than just doing a Google search. What does that mean to you as a business owner? It means you have a greater opportunity to market to this gigantic audience over a greater length of time. Plus 68% of Fans publicly endorse and/or recommended their favorite companies on Facebook, resulting in other people joining and buying your products or services.

So having established Facebook is a huge platform lets look at some myths surrounding it and why you need to be using it as a marketing tool.

# MYTH 1

Facebook is just for kids or people who don’t have anything important to say.

Nothing could be further from the truth. The average age of Facebook users  is between 24-34 years who have some college education and are predominantly women. Most people make buying decisions way before they ever leave their homes. They research the internet, pay close attention to what their piers are buying and recommending and a large proportion of buying decisions are made by women! This fits the social profile of the Facebook user very closely wouldn’t you say?

Business has always realized that you need to go to where your audience is and at the moment Facebook is that place! This graph of the number of visits to the Google (blue), Facebook (green) and Youtube(orange) sites shows Facebook actually surpassing Google as the most visited site on the web back in July 2010 and is continually holding that position.  Facebook is searched not only for social interaction but also to find products and services.

As of 11th August 2011 when you search a list of the most searched websites the following results appear:-

Google       is ranked number 1

Facebook   is ranked number 2

Youtube     is ranked number 3

Twitter        is ranked number 9

Linkedin     is ranked number 13th in the world



When companies such as Starbucks have over 24,000,000, Optus has around 51,000, philanthropists Maya Angelou has over 3,000,000 and President Obama has over 22,306,000 there is a obvious interest in a wide variety of topics that it is easy to see it is not all youngsters talking about trivia.

Furthermore, 80% of female Internet users have become fans of a product or brand on a social network site and 72% said they learned about a new product through social media. 


If you do something great, people will find it.

This has never been the case. Even if you are the best at what you do, people still need to know about you, to buy from you. So what’s the best advertising? It’s always been recommendation, the old word of mouth. In this case it’s “word of mouse”! 

People love to share links, photos and videos on Social Media. The more interactive it is the more people respond. Facebook is the biggest conversation around the water cooler of people sharing what they love, what they’ve tried and what they think. Get in on the conversation and tell them how brilliant you are!

This is an actual comment on a Facebook Page “ Wedding Dance and DJ” .
As you can see “word of mouse”  works!

# MYTH 3

I don’t have time for Social Media

You don’t have time NOT to do Social Media. Remember the old days when websites were introduced? Who needs a website so many people declared. Well if you don’t have an internet presence now how are people going to find you? The Yellow Pages that gets delivered to me is getting smaller and smaller and I know I haven’t used it for anything but a foot rest in years.

Once your Facebook Page is set up correctly you can set up systems and strategies that make the entire engagement fun, effective and it need not take up that much of your time. Consistency and real conversations is the key. Yes I observe a lot of people haven’t got their Pages set up correctly but the main key to success with Social Media is the way you communicate. Think of it as virtual networking combined with marketing. You wouldn’t walk up to someone you don’t know and start talking about your latest sales would you? Social Media is the same, you need to create connections.

I hope I have encouraged you to at least consider looking at using Facebook as an important part of your overall marketing strategy. In my next article I will share with you some essential insights about how to use this amazing platform. Like anything there are some tricks of the trade, some absolute must and must not behaviours to creating an effective Facebook presence.

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