Ever wonder what happens at VIP tables?

Last week was a mixture of many night events and occasions to attend.

One of them was a local Business Award night where the VIP’s are all herded together onto allocated tables…prime seating of course ( a bit like prime real estate).

These VIP tables are always a miss or hit affair. You have dignitaries from very different backgrounds sitting in close proximity and it either ends up boring as anything or a surprise of laughs and misdemeanors.
Last weeks was the latter and without getting anyone into trouble I have to say it was the funniest I have attended in many years.The usual suspects were there (like me) who have seen the event many years running but we had some new blood at the table (the 3 local councils + some lovely fellas from the Defence Force) and it was funny to watch the competitiveness start amongst the mayors as to whose area had the most award winners.
They had never attended this event before although Manly Council did the right thing and had actually sponsored part of the Awards night (which meant they had put some monies in towards it).
It became a hotly contested night with running scores kept by the mayors from Pittwater & Warringah (both males of course) who also kept the audience involved with which area was leading….Discussions were on things like “you’ve got a separate magazine in your area whereas we’ve got 1 magazine between 2 council areas) could be heard as Pittwater have a separate magazine compared to the Manly/Warringah area…bragging rights were at stake and feelings were running high.

Who had the last laugh?
The owner of the event.

Right at the critical time of announcing the Business of the Year, he tells the audience that it was wonderful to see the 2 mayors so involved in the winners, so much so that maybe next year they would actually become sponsors like Manly had!

These events only happen because of someones passion and money.The Northern Beaches really has a dreadful reputation compared to other areas for people not sponsoring and putting in monies to promote and sponsor events. The reason these events can exist is that the promoters find outside of the area organisations to put money into events the Northern Beaches residents can enjoy.
Please think how your small business can promote itself through local events, the cost is usually a lot less than you think!


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