Don’t let the facts get in the way of a good story Channel 7!

Last night I received a phone call from a friend saying she had seen a snippet on the Channel 7 news for Monday night about a local female bank manager, saying she was out to con a family out of the “poor old mums” inheritance.

“What the????”

This female bank manager has been in our area for years, I have known her for 10 years or more and is “one of the good guys”!

I knew something was amiss as too frequently I see stories in our own local newspaper that have 1/2 truths and one sided stories where only the barest of facts are reported and someones one sided opinion used to fill out the rest of the story

As soon as I heard this, my thoughts were “I bet this is about the elderly woman she has been looking after for years”.
So I contacted the bank manager and asked about the story snippet that was seen on Channel 7 on Friday night and sure enough, it was about the elderly woman….

So now for some facts.

Christine Frankham is been the bank manager of Bendigo Bank, Dee Why for many years. 
She is a quiet, compassionate woman from a country background that knows good service, how to listen and help people within her bank and within the community around her.

She knows how to listen and always is always enthusiastic about helping the business community as well as others, which is how I first got to know Christine.

She has known the elderly lady for over 20 years and has been visiting her almost daily for 15.
The lady is now 91 years old and as I used to pop in and see Christine late in the afternoons at the bank, Christine would be getting ready for her daily visit to her elderly friend.
Christine was usually picking up shopping, giving her company and being a true friend.

Why is Christine this way you ask?

Well Christine’s mum used to look after the elderly and it was always the “country thing” to do!

In 2006, the elderly friend wanted Christine & her carer to become Enduring Guardians for her, the elderly friend had virtually no contact with her family, and made it clear she did not get on with her family.
The lady had no photos of her family up in her house and went to the Guardianship Court and gave her reasons as to why she picked Christine and her other friend (her carer) to share the role.
The transcripts of these court proceedings along with the elderly friends words are all there for the public to see. It is all above board and what her friend had dearly wanted.

The elderly friend had a fall in May 2011 and went to hospital….and in hospital had another fall.

Now the family have suddenly turned up.

Now the family are angry…..since May Christine has been threatened, forks produced twice with threats to stab Christine in the face, her car blocked by a human barricade plus more.

Have Channel 7 really tried to get to the truth (other than chase her 3 times through the streets with cameras???)
Does Channel 7 bother to investigate- under section 57 of the Guardianship Act, a person under guardianship cannot be identified, discussed without approval from the Guardianship board- there is a prison sentence if this is contravened.
Christine cannot comment publicly at all under this Act – however information can be accessed with permission by the board.

No, of course not!

Those of us who know Christine, know that she always try to do whatever is asked of her as she is a woman of true heart and spirit.

Channel 7, you are crucifying one of the good guys here!

Christine is someone who has deep roots in the area and is one of the last of the selfless givers left. She selfishly gives her time to people who have asked for help and companionship.
Christine has always been like this and is what makes her special and so loved!

Yes, she has helped others in the same way before- yes, she is in her friends will, but never has asked or wanted it that way –

but what do people do when they are stuck with family they don’t like?

Reading about Neville Wran’s challenges about changing his will and enduring guardianship who has cut his wife out of these documents has been covering the headlines in the Herald lately.
Personally I am appalled that someone who has retired from public life has his family squabbles splashed all over the papers.

Christine and her elderly friend (&her family) are not in the public eye- never have been!

So why do we have to endure a story on Channel 7 news that have a one-sided story from a family that were missing in action for 15 years?

What about a balanced story with the transcripts from the Guardianship Board from the elderly woman herself?

Oh, and why did she want the guardianship in the first place?
Wasn’t it to avoid her family putting her in a nursing home?

And where is the elderly friend now?

In a nursing home….

There will always be families angry about guardianship’s and wills but isn’t it the right of the person to choose what they want??

Isn’t that why guardianships were brought in in the first place????

12 responses to “Don’t let the facts get in the way of a good story Channel 7!”

  1. Wendy says:

    I agree with you Sue and I do support Christine 100%. I think this is so unfair for her to be treated this way by Channel 7. Where are the facts?? bunch of arrogant journalists. Christine, Be strong We know exactly who you are and how a wonderful and helpful person you are too. xxx

  2. Sue Heins says:

    Thank you Wendy!

    What can you do when you legally are not allowed to comment at all on the person you are a guardian on????

    Apparantly Channel 9 are at least contacting the Guardian Board!
    I just saw the page 25 ad in Saturday’s Manly Daily- I wonder who paid for that???

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hey Sue, good article. I tried to post a comment and am glad it did not happen as I got the name of the lady from the bank wrong. I did say though us financiers are restricted in what we can do. I know I can’t be a guardian for a client. As much as I love old people there is a line I cannot cross. Why don’t you do something as Inspiring Women?

  4. HI Sue, I just heard about Christine last night and was deeply shocked. When I read the article my initial thoughts were that this is Christine being her usual caring and compassionate self and a family that hasn’t been involved. If the family were so concerned, no-one would have the opportunity to manipulate her in any way. I was very pleased to read the facts in your blog. Well done for putting it out there. I have known Christine as our bank manager for about 10 years. We moved to the Bendigo because I found her a genuine person with a true commitment to providing a quality and personal service to all customers. She seems to know every customer personally and you feel like she is a friend more than your bank manager. I think it is important that she knows that people who know her won’t believe these reports and that she is recognised for the really good and caring person she is.

  5. Sue Heins says:

    Thank you for your comments- interestingly enough, not one person closed their bank account.
    In fact, the branch got lots of flowers sent to it from customers who also know who Christine really is ~ which was wonderful!

    We are all just waiting for the police investigation to be over, shame the police person went on a 2 week holiday when the investigation was supposed to start…. but I suppose these things all take time.

    I know that Christine misses her elderly friend & dearly would love to visit her but cannot. Sadly the elderly friend was under sedation the last time Christine saw her and was certainly not her usual self…

    And so we wait…

  6. Anonymous says:

    If Christine Frankham has done nothing wrong, why did her employer give her a first & final warning? Why did she hide in her car instead of talking to Channel 7 news? Sounds extremely guilty to me. If you’re honest then you answer questions. If you’re guilty you run from the truth.

  7. Sue Heins says:

    The first & final warming was back in 2007 and she’s still there. These are standard bank procedures if accounts aren’t moced quickly enough….

    And as mentioned in the blog, the Guardianship Act says a protected person cannot be made public. Channel 7 should have spoken to the Guardianship board as they are the only ones who are able to speak publicly about someone’s circumstance.
    Check out

  8. Anonymous says:

    I wonder how people would feel if it was there elderly relative. Lets really look at the facts a bank manager is the guardian of a 91 year old elderly person. Leaves her on the the ground with compacted faeces and to be found be the relatives numerous times.

    Also threatens to take restraining orders against the family so the bank manager can have total control of the elderly person. Lastly inserts herself in the will of the elderly person and money has gone missing.

    Lastly there was another victim when the said bank manager was at another bank. If this is not suspiscous and totally wrong then what is,

    All you people defending this person need your head read. Lets hope this person is never ever put in a position of being a bank manager again so she can never take advantage of elderly people.

    We should be looking after elderly people and people that take advantage of them are called criminals.

  9. Anonymous says:

    the bank manager in question is no longer at the bank, what does this tell you???????

  10. Anonymous says:

    It doesn’t matter when a “first & final warning” is issued. The fact that one was issued at all is the point. Why was one issued? Because Christine Frankham was doing the wrong thing.

    Sue – I really question why you are supporting Christne Frankham.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I heard that FRANKHAM was trying to diddle another old lady out of money as well, what does that tell you. Where there is smoke there is often fire. I feel sorry for the family who had to deal with this terrible fiasco and bank manager trying to get whatever she could

  12. Sue Heins says:

    Thank you anonymous for your contribution.

    Which reminds me; it is exactly one year since this post was written.
    One year the police have supposedly been investigating but have not found anything to charge her with….

    One year where she and still supported by her bank.
    Rumours are so easy to start….
    Happy anniversary!