Christmas is Tradition Time – Tell me Yours!

Christmas means different things to all of us.

One thing I do know is that everyone has their own little traditions and memories of what Christmas was like as a child. (Cue me as a child below, wasn’t I cute and yes I know this photo was taken before many of you were born?)

Xmas 1970

Being the child of immigrants from Austria, my Christmas’s seemed quite different from other children’s but I always knew ours seemed more special (to me anyway).

For a start, our Christmas was on the night of the 24th. The house would already have Christmas decorations up but never a Christmas tree or any presents like I saw at other children’s houses.
We always had to “wait” because not only did Santa bring our presents, he brought the tree as well!

My big brother would take me out to the park to play late afternoon and we would have to play until dusk or nightfall and then slowly go back home….all the lights would be off in the house and we would have to wait in the hallway for a little Santa bell that would let us know that Santa (or St Nic) had gone.

Then we would be allowed into the lounge room. All the lights would be out, Christmas music would always be playing, a beautiful Christmas tree lit only by candles and underneath it and all around it would be Christmas presents!

It always seemed like a miracle, how did he fit our tree on his sleigh? Why did I always miss him when we were searching for him in the skies?

Other kids would ask me why Santa came to our house at night & I would rationally explain that to visit all the families in the world he did some families on the night of the 24th and the others in the morning of the 25th. Seemed logical to me!

My parents must’ve been running around madly Christmas tree trimming, putting presents out etc. etc. and I don’t remember ever seeing them exhausted but then again I only had eyes for the tree.

This tradition was so special that we still to this day have “lights out” and candles “on” our tree (though the thought of electric lights seems tempting these days).

We always spend time looking at the tree with the candles lit and soak up that moment.


These days as “grown ups” we have some other funny little traditions (but always keep the candles) but this one tradition will be the most special memory for me.

What traditions do you remember as a child and do you keep them going now “you are all grown up?”

Share them by posting a comment below, I’d love to hear about them.


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