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Owning a business….Heaven or Hell?

Owning a business is heaven.

Freedom to manage your day how you want, live by your values, control your own destiny, you choose who you want to work with, you do what you enjoy.


Owning a Business is hell.

People don’t understand what you do, long hours, financial insecurity, few things are certain or predictable when running a business, you spend time on things you aren’t good at, the responsibility can become onerous.


The thing is, owning a small business can be both on the same day!


Some of us are better at creating more heaven than hell moments and running a business is a skills that can be learned. Wise owners know they need to keep evolving…and keep learning and trying new things.

When you learn more, the more rewarding and successful your business will be.

There comes a time when you need to make business decisions to upgrade and become more professional.

The biggest difference between business owners is their mind-set and attitude.

Mindset and attitude can be changed but it is a challenge to overcome without help.

A quick example comes to mind; women who constantly use the fact that they have children as to the reason why they cannot get certain business things done compared to other women who get heaps achieved, who have 4 children and never bother to mention they have any kids at all.
One uses it as an excuse, the other doesn’t see the problem at all.

Which one are you?