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Opportunity knocks to promote your small business: offer ends Oct 8

Exclusive offer for Inspiring Women and Warringah Chamber of Commerce members. ‘Inner Wheel’ (an International Women’s organisation which runs parallel with Rotary Club International) is hosting The Inner Wheel Conference in Warringah in October 2016. This means that delegates from across Australia plus from overseas will be visiting the Northern Beaches and offers an opportunity… Continue Reading

5 lessons I’ve learnt from women I’ve worked with

Today’s blog post is by a young woman called April. My name is April Lipson and I’m 21, studying full time at RMIT University and have been working since I was 14.  I’ve had numerous casual jobs, and when I say numerous I mean about 9 or 10 in hospitality, retail and everything in between.… Continue Reading

Dying, Surviving, Inspiring – Part 3 – Inspiring

This is part 3 of a 3 part blog. If you want to read from the beginning- read more here Slow as the recovery still was, I was keen to get doing something productive. Sitting around doing nothing isn’t something I’ve ever been very good at. I saw the need for a group like Inspiring… Continue Reading