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The numbers behind generosity Christmas With Interflora

Who is really sharing the love this holiday season?

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Global leaders in holiday floral delivery, Interflora, are pulling the curtain back on generosity over the Christmas season by releasing a data download report called the ‘State of Giving’.

The findings show a friendly competition between states, with Western Australia debuting as the Christmas State, sending the most amount of heartwarming gifts over Christmas per capita.

With just 2% of the population, Tasmanians are big spenders with an average gift coming in at $95.

Other standout findings from the Gift of Giving’ report found:

  • New South Wales sends the most on giving gifts locally – to others in NSW
  • Australian’s average Christmas gift giving basket cost $90 per order
  • Tasmania spent the highest amount on average per order at $95
  • The top five gifting neighborhoods include: The Rocks, NSW; Melbourne, VIC; Perth GPO, WA; Wannanup, WA; and West End, QLD.

Interflora has seen steady increase in the number in expats giving the gift of flowers from abroad over the holiday season. Of the 5.6 million expats who call Australia home, 1 in 3 (1.8 million) will be sending love home in the form of flowers over Christmas.

Guilt from afar? The average gift total for overseas deliveries was order was 25% more than gifts sent domestically.

Orders are placed within Australia – or sent from Australia to anywhere in the world through Interflora’s Australian Headquarters in Melbourne.

Other international insights include:

  • 1 in 3 expats living in Australia send love back at Christmas time
  • Overseas deliveries spend 25% more than domestic gifts – ($113 average spend overseas, compared to the average Australian delivery of $90).
  • In the top 10 of largest expat communities – the Philippines and China had the most expensive orders on average.
  • 1 in 4 expats in Australia are from the United Kingdom, making them the largest buying group to send gifts overseas
  • Germany is a generous nation – it has the 4th highest amount of Christmas time gift giving order yet is ranked 11th for expat population numbers in Australia.

An interactive ‘State of Giving’ video unit is available on Interflora’s website, which allows the public to access their generosity against the rest of the country. Available here:

Interflora say that floral gifts and hampers are not produced in warehouses and sent out by convoys of delivery vans. From the early stages of designing new floral collections right through to in-store creation, talented local florists are at the heart of Interflora flowers, and always will be.

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