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What does your home office workwear look like?

I received a call the other day from someone asking to meet me that night.

This person knows me well.

“Is today an ugg boot day or a corporate day?”

I laughed as I knew she was referring to my work clothes.

In other words,

  • am I dressed for being comfy at home all day or
  • have I got meetings to go to?

At Inspiring Women, we’ve discussed our work attire between us before.
As business women we know that first impressions count and when you meet clients you have to dress according to your industry and meet some of those expectations. However for a heap of women who work from home and who never see their clients, what you wear depends on you.

We’ve had a giggle over this in the past and our differences.
Also sometimes we get “caught out” (which doesn’t happen too often) but we all have funny stories to tell.

Some ladies feel they need to wear their work wear every day to be in “business mode” to become their most productive at home even though they never see anyone.

Others (like me) are perfectly fine with ugg boots, trackies in Winter and thongs and singlets in Summer and get changed if it’s a meeting or corporate day.

Our discussions have shown how different we all are and how differently we all work. Of course the main thing is to find out what works best for you.
What style has you working at your best and productively?
Of course it also depends on what is the most practical for your business as well.

When my trade business started at home many years ago I envisaged our tradesmen out in the field and coming to my home to pick up parts etc. once a day. The tradies didn’t care what I wore as long as their workday was planned and organised.
The reality soon became changed when customers started knocking at the door wanting to drop off room heaters for repair or pick up parts themselves. Having a 3 storey house at the time, with the office on the 2nd floor meant a lot of racing up and down stairs to keep the heaters in the garage/workshop. Practical footwear became important, looking professional was also important.
Wearing heels could’ve meant breaking a leg up and running up and down those stairs.
Skirts were not practical if you are bending over regularly.

Add to that balancing family commitments of school, sports, walking the dogs and being available on the phone 24 hours for emergency call outs started a juggling act that became routine as it became a regular occurrence. Finding outfits that addressed all occurrences in a single day meant I wore mainly practical clothes.

As I write this I am having an “ugg boot” day. No “seeing the public” day today for me. Those of you who also work from home (without clients) will be smiling as you know this is one of the guilty pleasures of working from home.

What do you wear when you are working from home?
Got any tips to share with us?

Then go on, don’t be shy and share below!