Business Grants for Women

See the title to this blog?
This is a commonly used term to search for business grants online or Australian Grants and Loans – but THINK AGAIN!

I have heard that at least 2 different networking groups are putting up links to a website that promises business grants for women as the website will do all the online research for you.
It’s called  Australia Business Financing Centre, based in Canberra so it must be involved with the government, or is it?

Interestingly in small text at the bottom of their website it says
The ABFC is an independent research organisation   not affiliated with any government agency.”

Oh , a research organisation….of a for profit research organisation…
But they have all these winners of grants all over their website, so they MUST be successful, right???


They know most business people looking for grants don’t have any time, so who’s going to read everything on their website.

However in their FAQ’s is the following:

We make no claim that any recipients listed or success story profiled received funding as a result of Australia Business Financing Centre services and products unless specifically stated. We provide both resources to the public to show that monies are available for those who qualify and that its much easier than most people think to get funding if you understand the process and take action to apply.
Hmm, so all those stories about who got grants aren’t necessarily from these people!
Any business or organisation who gets a grant is listed publicly for a period of time as being the successful organisation that received assistance – this is public information for anyone to read (or put on a website). So they are just showing you everyone that has won a grant that is publicly listed, NOT the ones that they have been successful in applying.
Interestingly one of the recent “success stories” is a business that was recommended to go to their local BEC and apply for a Mentoring program. Anyone can do this without paying the charges asked from this website of:
The tax-deductible fee for this service, is $374 for the first installment and $277 for the second installment, in 30 days.
A local business last year paid $600 for a book that listed every single local, State and Federal grant for all over Australia. The book was huge- it listed winners of previous grants listed by States and she dilligently went through it, phoned the receipients  of grants and then realised there was nothing suitable for her new product.
She phoned the research centre and every suggestion that was made to her, she already tried… much to their surprise.
She ended up getting her money back.
The sad thing was that the book was already out of date as many grants are only open for a short period of time and had closed by the time she had received the book.
I actually could point her in the right direction and she did receive some assistance.
So where do you go? Where do you look?
The following are the websites that the researchers are using to find if you are eligible.
They are all free- they are from different Government departments and they are up to date!
Save yourself over $600.00 and just look at the following websites that the researchers use to find if there are is grant for you.
Check out ( a bit slow to load up the website but it gets there)   On this website you will see they have a warning about people claiming to get government grants for your business….. This is great for manufacturers!

And by the way, if you have a not for profit group or charity, I highly recommend Our Community who have all kinds of wonderful resources and recently got themselves a grant as they were helping other organisations receive grants. So they started up the Australian Institute of Grants Management.
This community is set up to assist charities and other not for profit groups and their information is always clear and concise, though you do have to pay for some of their information.
And just a last word on grants, most new small businesses do not qualify for a grant.
The most common mistake I hear is people saying there should be a grant for a new start up businesses.
My question to you is ” why should there be?”
If you are not prepared to take a risk, take a bank loan, mortgage your house- then why should the goverment risk their money on you? Especially if you are not prepared to do the same!
Some grants involve going 50/50 with your money as well as theirs, some involve paying for training, assistance with imports and exports, manufacturing, green energy, tax refunds for Research & Development  plus so much more.
All these websites have departments who are friendly and will assist you for free!

4 responses to “Business Grants for Women”

  1. There are various grant types in the UK, and women who are applying for grants must see where they fit in and make appropriate applications. This is really a good help for aspiring women entrepreneurs that can uplift women’s personality and business ideals.

  2. Agree absolutely about finding one to fit their business, thanks you!

    What we are seeing here in Australia that there is businesses who have websites that look like they are from government levels – however they are not! Then they are charging a fortune for information that is free.
    I think it is fine to pay if you don’t have time to look and you have the money to do so but many who have contacted me just didn’t know the existence of the government websites in the first place.
    Sadly government websites don’t pay much attention to keywords and SEO so it is easy for others to get their websites noticed first.

  3. Pretty good post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed reading your blog posts. Anyway, I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you post again soon.

  4. IW says:

    Thanks Business Grants!
    Yes the shame of not writing is pricking my conscience and will post again soon. April was a shade too busy and May is shaping up to be the same but will make the time!