My Kinesiologist

My Kinesiologist
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Be The Best Version of You! De-Stress, Feel more Vibrant, Clear, Motivated and Healthy.

Take your life to the next level busting through your blockages and stressors.

Pam discovered the benefits of using Kinesiology when her youngest son was 7 years of age (now 28), when a longstanding issue with his eyesight was corrected by Kinesiology. This instantly changed a situation from one of a stressful dynamic to no problem at all. From this moment Pam has been learning and discovering what holds us each back from living optimally, and has been Passionately working in this area of Health and Wellbeing since. Through this experience she has become Passionate about Health and Wellbeing – and the awareness that If what is driving an issue is found blockages dissolve and our systems can find a new way of being. This work is very much aligned with each person and the goal they are balancing to. It can be working with physical/structural, emotional, mental, energetic or of a spiritual nature, and corrections involve the use of acupuncture channels, muscles, reflex points, vibrational/flower essences, aromatherapy oils, working with belief systems, accumulated stress, and the use of acupuncture points.

If you have any questions please contact me to discuss what Kinesiology can do for you.

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