Book Review by Sue Heins on The Diaries of a Corporate Princess

All comments are Sue Heins’ thoughts only and are to be taken as such.

As most of you who have been through my Mentoring programs with me know, I’m not enamoured with self proclaimed “Princesses”, “Queens” & “gurus” etc.
These descriptions are only by the person themselves and never by anyone who has actually used their services.
Hacy is a self proclaimed “Corporate Princess”, all written with her tongue firmly planted in her cheek.
Though you can’t help suspecting she really was a “princess” in her corporate life.

A quick synopsis of the book is of a high flying executive who suddenly finds herself without a job.
For anyone who has ever lost their job, been downsized or simply wants to change their life, this inspiring true-life story, The Diaries of a Corporate Princess, is a must-read and on shelves from November 2012 for start up business owners.

After 33 years in the corporate world and as a global general manager, author Hacy Tobias suddenly finds herself without a job at age 52. Written with a raw honesty and Bridget Jones wit, Hacy details the transition from a high-flying executive and ‘corporate princess’ to becoming her own boss and eventual ‘small business owner’.

Great lessons in human nature and how small business owners are confronted with many challenges, many of them from our own mind-sets.

Enjoy! Books available in all book stores mid to late December and can be pre ordered at book stores too.

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